In the petroleum industry, the task of managing a drill and a well site is very important because the responsibility that is tasked to the site manager is crucial in the overall operations of the site.  Of course, well site management is not exactly a thing that you can learn in school as it is more like a specialized course given to employees and managers-to-be that works within the company.  Individuals who show excellence and demonstrate experience in handling people and other management tasks and duties are perfect for this type of job.

A well site manager is not an easy job as there are a lot of things that are required for the manager to do and accomplish.  Aside from regular management duties like manning and managing well site operations, well site supervision is highly knowledgeable on safety and other safety standards and protocols that should be followed when operating under this type of occupation.

Any individual who falls and lands well site management jobs must be able to keep details of things happening in and around the well site.  Being ready to take on this task means you know that you are in complete control over things and decisions within a well site.  Being able to provide accurate daily reports, managing business logistics, working coherently with other work personnel, doing logistic works, managing drilling operations, and maintaining cost control and being very accurate about it means that this is a type of job that is suited for you.

If you have been hired as a well site manager, it is most likely that you will be working on company site operations from all over the world.  Although this type of job may take you away from your family, the pay on the other hand is quite good that you will find it very tempting to even try to attain this job position.

In well site management, it is crucial that you are able to enforce safety on the crew that works for you.  Neglect in safety can be catastrophic for anyone who gets involved in an accident without any protective gear or harness.  There are different dangers you can be exposed to when doing this type of field work.  Leading by example in the aspect of safety measures so accidents can be further avoided should be an ideal characteristic to look for when getting someone who will stand as well site manager.